About Us

Who we are…

Unique Art & Deco is a family-run business, established in Toronto in 2016. Headed by three sisters, Maryam, Yasaman and Niloofar have combined the unique concept of bringing art and culture together, with new and young artists around the world.

 We’ve been in the trading business since 2007 in Canada and overseas. Maryam and Niloofar have a unique talent in combining state-of-the-art technology and creativity to each project, from their experience running an artisanal glass tile manufacturing plant, and working closely with top designers. The company owns a showroom both in Toronto and the Middle East.

 The sisters travel the world in order to bring wonderful arts and handmade products crafted by exceptional artisans back home for their clients to enjoy.

 Unique Art & Deco was born to bring sophistication and beauty to everyday life in every household. You are invited to visit our unique products in our showroom and on our website. Come in and say hello!